What does it mean to B GREATER?


It means a workout plan, personalized for you, informed by the best  modern fitness research.

It means a schedule that works with your life, and a  personal trainer who knows your name.

It means knowing that every step of your plan is moving you towards your optimal goal.

It means doing the work - and knowing why.


What do we do here
at B Greater Fitness?

So what do we do here at B Greater Fitness?  What makes us different, and why should you put your trust in us?  Simply put, we listen.  We work together to take you from where you are to where you want to be.  Working with a Trainer is not all bench presses, calorie counts, and laps around a track…it can, and should be, so much more.  It is a conversation with you and about you.  

Training is not a “one size fits all” equation as some would have you believe.  This is why the conversation matters.  Here, at B Greater Fitness, we are willing and capable to have that conversation with you at your level…to go with you down the path to strength, weight loss, fitness, sports performance…wherever you want to go.  

We start small.  We introduce the process early and we follow it together.  We adjust as necessary, but we do not deviate from your goals…it is not about what I think is best for you, it is about helping you be the best version of yourself.  We grow, gradually, reinforcing those positive lifestyle changes you are making…making them part of your daily process.

What type of programs do you offer?

Your type of program! For those interested in gaining or losing weight, B Greater Fitness has Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionists on our Staff to assist you with meal planning and diet education.  Our Head Coach and ISSA Certified Lead Trainer Duncan McCallum has over 25 years in strength building and conditioning; he can help increase your athletic threshold and ability, no matter the sport or the position.  Ask us…chances are, we do that!

The road to a better you is not an easy one, and what you want will not be easy to attain…nothing worth having ever is.  There is no magic pill; there is no trick.  The secret to better fitness is really no secret at all:  Hard work works.  Your results may not even be obvious in a month.  Maybe even two.  That is not how fitness works.  You have to change your lifestyle if you want to change your life.  If you stay the course, commit to the process, and most importantly, commit to have what you want…there is nothing we cannot achieve.

How do we get started?

We start with a quick application! It's not long or nosy, and it's not a doorway to spam email, or a high-pressure sales pitch. The fact is that creating a program for someone who works for two or three weeks and then quits, is still a lot of work that goes to waste. B Greater Fitness wants to acquire one dedicated client at a time, and put them in a working and communicative relationship with their trainer. Putting a "BUY NOW!" button on the screen might increase  the signup numbers, but it gives us zero feedback on the type of client we're taking on, their goals, needs or level of dedication to ongoing training. So we screen for replies from people willing to begin the conversation about their self improvement. The quick application puts you in communication with your trainer, and allows them to discuss and create an optimal plan that will help you meet your goals.


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